Elegance, creativity, innovation, quality and the guarantee of after sale services are Anit’s valuable wealth which we present all of them to our careful customers.

Anit , only double glazed radiator

Water as a precious fluid, always with different chemical composition and ph corrosion and corrosion for all radiators brings hydrogen production and fuel cell property between the radiator and the formation of double to this problem is package, and the use of the Anit technology radiator with water wall corrosion protection corrosion inhibiting power for the first time that guarantees the stability and longevity of your heating system.

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Designer of Anit

All of our products design and produce with direct observation of Special representative of Energy Globe and expert European engineers and designers under licence of I2Tdesign in United Kingdom and all of them produce under Rigorous standards just to make sure that all customers buy reliable products to love them. ‎